Avoid supply chain disruptions and ensure full traceability in the supply chain

In the 21st Century, business risk is no longer considered simply asset or financial losses to be addressed by adequate insurance. Major disruptions in your supply chain due to geopolitical, environmental, and regulatory events affect not only your company, but the collective supply chain with your suppliers and customers.

In the new global economy, supply chains have become more complex and interconnected, and compliance regulations are ever-increasing. Consequently, as potential risks multiply and escalate, your business faces a greater likelihood of larger and more frequent disruptions that can impact your whole enterprise. These risks can dramatically affect production, inventory, transportation, facilities and equipment, information systems and technology, and customer service. Choosing to ignore these risks is the greatest risk of all.

StoneCross Group can help your business mitigate risks so you can avoid disruptions and be more resilient if they occur. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Using our proprietary Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Management (SCRAM®) methodology, we will work with you to identify, understand, assess, manage, and monitor your risks
  • We can help you understand and use “blockchain for supply chain” capabilities to ensure immutable track and trace

Let StoneCross Group help you put a risk management program in place to prepared for and prevent disruptions. Or let us work with you to understand how to apply a blockchain to your environment.