Warehousing & Distribution

Is your warehouse or DC a necessary evil, or competitive advantage?

The difference between seeing your inventory as a necessary evil and using it as a competitive advantage is all in how you manage and process it. If you're sitting on too much inventory in your distribution network, or if you're not storing and processing it efficiently in your warehouse or distribution center (DC), you're just wasting money on labor, facilities, and equipment you don't need. Worse, if your fulfillment service levels don't meet your customers' expectations, they'll go somewhere else. It pays big dividends to run a lean distribution operation.

StoneCross Group's supply chain experts love making warehouses and distribution centers run like well-oiled machines. Collectively, we've streamlined distribution operations for hundreds of clients over several decades, in almost every industry. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Warehouse & DC operations assessment
  • Facility planning & layout
  • Distribution operations planning & process improvement
  • Material handling systems assessment, evaluation, planning, selection, & implementation assistance
  • Labor performance/productivity improvement
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) & Labor Management System (LMS) assessment, evaluation, selection, & implementation
  • Elimination of unnecessary inventory

Your distribution operation touches your customers directly, so being lean is mission-critical. If you want to reduce your costs, increase your accuracy, and improve your service levels, contact us today for an assessment of your warehousing and distribution operation.