In today's environment, technology is a critical component of every business whether fundamental to the company's business, or an enabler to serve the company's core products and principles. Regardless of your business, or approach to technology, StoneCross Group can provide you with the expertise needed to further your technological needs.

StoneCross consultants understand that while there are common technology platforms that organizations can adopt, each organizations technological need is different and must be approached with this in mind. At the core of most organizations however, is the need for the company to seek and utilize IT solutions to meet the demands of the business and their customers. Along with meeting both internal and external demands comes increasing complex challenges that organizations can use assistance with. Such challenges include organizational barriers, ensuring IT Strategy is delivering real value, technological platforms are selected and implemented correctly, regulatory standards are being adhered to and technological processes are functioning efficiently.

With our experience in the technology realm dating back to the early 80's, we have a breadth of expertise and history to assist firms with their technology related challenges. Some of the areas where we commonly serve our clients are:

  • IT Strategy
  • IT Process (e.g. Business Process Management, IT Controls and Security, IT Risk, etc)
  • Technology Integration
  • Software Selections (e.g. ERP, WMS, TMS, LMS, BPM, etc)
  • Software Implementations and Support (e.g. ERP, WMS, TMS, LMS, MHE, etc)

We approach technology similar to any other area of the business, in that, the technology should be working to support the business and be in line with the corporate mission and strategy. Feel free to contact us to fully assess whether we can provide you and your company with the necessary services to meet your technology needs.