Consulting Model

The "Dream Team" of consulting

The business model used in delivering high-quality, cost-effective consulting services has evolved, and StoneCross Group is setting a new standard. Old-school consulting firms are inefficient, bureaucratic, inflexible, and constrained by high overhead costs and swarms of inexperienced consultants on the payroll. Unlike those other firms, StoneCross Group has adopted a business model that harnesses the capabilities of an extensive, virtual network of industry leaders who are experienced subject matter experts (SMEs).

In consulting, who is doing the work matters as much as what work is being done. Unlike the staffs of other firms, our consultants are an interconnected network of experienced professionals who offer deep expertise in a broad range of skill sets, industries, and technologies. We assemble the “Dream Team” of SMEs who are skilled to satisfy each client’s specific needs. Yet, all of our work follows common principles and approaches.

StoneCross Group’s dream team will produce top-quality results for you – more consistently, more quickly, and more cost-effectively. To meet our key players who can help you achieve your goals, contact StoneCross Group today.